About Us

Sure, you lock your home at night, and you never share your deepest secrets with random strangers. If someone knocks on your door and asks about your last period, you’ll tell them to get lost. Private should remain private, you believe.

Yet, as an internet user, you’re likely sharing lots of highly personal information with total strangers every minute. Strangers whose main goal is to convert every aspect of your personality into money.

Click here. Vote for this candidate. Open this website. Submit your number. Watch this ad. Buy this product. You’ve been continuously sacrificing your private information to be able to use convenient, fun, and largely free apps. But the understanding of the true costs only comes now.

Suddenly you realize that you have no control over the data that companies and the government collect about you. Most of the time this information is not encrypted and can be accessed by anyone. You feel helpless and exposed. You’re not alone.

We know that feeling too, our own data has been compromised many times in the past. If you use internet there is a problem. From the consumer’s standpoint,there’s no way of knowing when your privacy is violated and when it’s not. We’ve been working for tech giants and run our own startups for decades. We've analyzed this problem from different angles.

That’s why we believe that the change should come.Now as a team, we devote all our experience and hard work to fulfill our mission — helping people to claim back their privacy and notify them if something bad happened with their data.

Technology is our tool, humanity is our foundation.These are the values that embolden our results, shape our culture and form strong relationships in and out of our group. We want you to get your privacy back.

We are rbnhdsqd.